Where is Anvaya Cove? Directions? How to get to Anvaya Cove? What road to take to Anvaya Cove? How do I not not get lost going to Anvaya Cove??

Finally, here’s how:

Take North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), exit at San Fernando, pass Lubao (Pampanga), go straight until the Dinalupihan (Bataan) junction, turn right and go further until the Subic Tipo Expressway entrance to the left.

OR (here’s a faster and more convenient route to reach the TIPO gate…the views are great too hehehe)

Take NLEX, take SCTex interchange, follow signs that lead to SUBIC, end of SCTex will lead you to Subic Tipo Expressway. =)

– Go inside SBMA, follow the highway running parallel to Subic Bay at the right, pass the airport, follow the sharp left curve of the road at the end of the airport compound, pass Triboa Bay (APEC Villas), follow the winding road until you exit SBMA via its South (Morong) Gate.

– Once outside, follow the winding road until you reach a junction.  Turn right at this first corner, this is the road going to Morong, Bataan town proper.  The main entrance of Anvaya Cove is along this road.

Now, if you really want to make sure, I’ve got one simple advice:

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Hope to see you soon!

For an updated direction to Anvaya Cove (with photos of road signs), click on the link below: