I’ve been talking about the development in the south, Nuvali, ABrio, etc… Nuvali especially. I’ve already talked about how we are going to develop the next business district, the next “Makati”, or the city of the future if you may (Yes, I’m so sure that our kids will be working here)… Anyway you can just check my previous posts regarding Nuvali.

What I have for you here however is quite interesting, And to be honest, I’m proud to show you these pix…Well, it’s very simple – I’ve posted some artist’s rendition of what Nuvali will look like, and I’m here again to post some real photos of what we have done in a few months time.

See for yourself. =)


Recognize those “slanted” futuristic-looking roofs with solar panels? =)


Remember the Nuvali Lake that will have water taxis as means of transportation?

We are digging them now. One big lake coming up.

Finally, the last photos you’ll see will see show you Ayala Land’s commitment to deliver.

Personally, I can’t help but be proud. Nuvali baby photos.

I guess, I don’t have to convince you now when I say, WE ARE REALLY MAKING THIS NEW CITY! So please, call me. If you have the budget, I’m telling you, NUVALI is the way to go! No reason to think twice.

That’s it for now. Till my next update!

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