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Im sure most of you have heard of Anvaya Cove, one way or another. For some, Anvaya has been a regular retreat place. But there are a few out there who still don’t know how to go to Anvaya.  Very easy actually. I took some photos during my trip going there last Saturday (1st year anniversary). Here is the “photo-guide” for all Anvaya newbies.

If you continue to see these road signs, you’re on the righ track . I hope to see you in Anvaya. Let me know when you are planning to go. Have a great summer!

1. Take NLEX (North Luzon Expressway).


2. Take SCTEX Exit (Subic Clarl Tarlac Expressway)


3. Take Subic Exit


4. Enter Subic via Subic-Tipo Toll gate


5. Inside Subic, follow the Anvaya road signs. If there arent any, follow the signs to “Morong Gate”.


6. You will pass by the Subic airport where Fedex used to land. If you see this, you’re not lost. =)


7. Right after the airport, you will see “fork” road. Go left. BUT PLEASE MAKE A FULL STOP where it says STOP. With or without other cars present, MAKE A FULL STOP, not just slow down, but  a FULL STOP. This is to avoid “unnecassry delays”. See photos below  to know why.

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8. Keep driving until you reach the Morong Gate.


9. Keep driving, trust your guts, drive up, drive down, dont worry, at this point, there’s no way you can get lost anymore. Trust me. Follow Anvaya road signs, until, you see the Anvaya Cove main entrance.

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10. Welcome to Anvaya Cove…Now, for members and residents, its easy to get in. But for those who aren’t, let me know so security can allow you inside. Yes, Anvaya Cove has very strict policies regarding non-residents/non-members. Call me first to for details.


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