Here’s a  preview of Nuvali before the Grand launching this coming April 26.  

For our Abrio, Montecito, Westgrove and Greenfield lot owners, here is an update on Nuvali.



The energy efficient Nuvali bus –


First class leather seating inside with fold away table – like airplane seats, very comfortable –


Soon to be complete Nuvali private exit spine road that goes straight to SLEX Mamplasan exit –


The Nuvali Evo living center, very modern futuristic building but Eco Friendly –



This building is aiming for LEED certificate for energy efficiency.

It feels like museums in Europe, and in America. =)



Large sculptural abstract walls defines spaces and walkways- very modern – 


View of the Nuvali lake looking towards the Nuvali-Technohub area,

future office buildings wil rise here beside the lake –


These are the Eco Friendly structures to house the Nuvali Retail and Food Shops =)



Inside the 1st Eco Building – One Evo Tech Building, Nuvali Technohub.

Seen here is the double walling of the west side wall with open Atrium to dissipate heat

Electricity consumption in this building is 30-40% less, than normal Makati buildings

          Gentle sloping bike ramps make it a comfortable walk or bike ride up to your office

          Convergys is our locator for the 3rd and 4th floors


We are now building up towards the April 26 Grand Launch of Nuvali, a party event will be set on that day,

Ill keep you guys posted as I get more updates: To all Abrio, Montecito, Westgrove & Greenfield owners, Congratulations again.=)

For more info regarding Nuvali, check out my previous posts. Or feel free to contact me anytime.


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