Hello Abrio lot owners, 

Just to show you what we’ve been working on recently:

The Guard house in Abrio Gate –


See how wide the roads are in Abrio. Note: Use the man in white as referrence of size/dimension. That guy is at least 5″7″ in height. And notice also that there’s a big tree island in the middle. Well, Abrio isnt called Abrio (Abrir in spanish means ‘to open’) for nothing. =)


The main/spine road in Abrio is aptly called Abrio Drive. 




Again, congratulations to those who were able to purchase a lot in Abrio. For those who are interested, well, Abrio was sold out as early as last year. The best chance is to be waitlisted. Let me know if you want to do that. 




Mobile 0917 580 2013

Email c0c0.ayala@gmail.com

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