Evo-living at Nuvali

by Diana A. Uy

SOURCE: Manila Standard Today

Nuvali, Ayala Land’s latest real estate development straddling the cities of Sta. Rosa and Calamba, Laguna, could be any tech-smart environmentalist’s slice of heaven on Earth.

Vince Tan, executive vice president and head of planning group at Ayala Land, says it could be the nerve center of a new life in the South.

Envisioned to be the benchmark for sustainable living, Nuvali (from the words “Nova” or star in Latin and “Valley”) is sparing no expense in creating a revolutionary lifestyle community that nourishes itself from the immediate environs and careful planning.

“Nuvali is a new way of living,” says Rex Mendoza, senior vice president and head of corporate sales and marketing group at Ayala Land Inc., “What we want to show you is evo-living, which is the seamless weaving of life, nature and technology in one community. Nuvali is not simply a present for Ayala Land. It is actually a future. What we want to say here is that we have the history and the heritage. We learn from our past and we use what we’ve done in the past in order to take people into the higher level of living into the future. We know that there are new concerns, new needs. And for that reason evo-living is the answer for that new needs, new performance.”

Eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable

The more than 1,700-hectare property, formerly a vast sugar plantation owned by the Yulo family, has just finished its phase 1 development and now boasts of lifestyle, commercial and residential centers that could soon rival Makati’s financial district albeit “greener” and far more technologically-efficient and smarter. Nuvali takes pride in three fundamental pillars to realize such an ambitious undertaking: environmental, social and economic. So much so that Nuvali makes sure each development highlights water conservation and reuse, energy efficiency and proper waste management. Privately-managed mass transport systems using eco-friendly vehicles are also given top priority to provide dwellers utmost navigation convenience. This is apart from the mandatory 50- percent balance of open and built spaces, as well as maintaining a tree-to-house ratio to reduce soil erosion and encourage water retention. Now, it is actually possible for pedestrians to bike and/or walk around their immediate environs thanks to dedicated tree-lined bike paths and walkways.

Some of the new technologies include a dual-piping system, made sustainable by the 4-hectare lake that serves as rainwater reservoir. Streets make use of bioswales and permeable paving that help recharge the aquifer and reduce downstream effects. Homes and buildings maximize the use of natural lighting and conditions.

Work and play

Nuvali is home to a 46-hectare Lakeside Evozone, a commercial hub named a Special Economic Zone by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. It is set in a campus-type environment with generous open spaces, landscaped parks and sidewalks, parking areas with permeable surface, and located near the retail center and the Nuvali transport terminal area. Evozone will soon be home to Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant, Domo Tomo, Florabel, McDonald’s, Nature Cafe, Yellow Cab, Timezone, National Book Store, Mercury Drug, to name a few. There is also the Evoliving Center meant to showcase Nuvali’s latest developments and sustainability efforts. One Evotech, on the other hand, can provide a healthy work environment for employees of BPOs and other retail shops, as well. In fact, thanks to its built-in bike ramps, professionals and shoppers alike can conveniently bike their way around the building while enjoying scenic open areas. Convergys is already enjoying such pleasurable working ambiance.

Living spaces

Depending on one’s budget, Nuvali also offers four residential areas each offering their own unique charm and environmental advocacy: exclusive Abrio, affordable and “eco-friendly” Avida Settings, family-oriented Treveia and upscale Montecito.

Avida Settings, developed by Avida Land, stands out for its cost-effective approach and “contemporary neighborhood patterns.” The Green Ribbon pattern for example, reveals a neighborhood sharing one garden right at their own doorsteps. Houses also make use of reusable and recyclable materials (like cushions made of Zesto packaging) in keeping with Nuvali’s sustainable environment campaign. Courtyard, though almost similar in concept with the Green Ribbon, provides a more private, intimate setting.

“It is not really a sacrifice to be sustainable,” says Mendoza, “It is doing things responsibly and doing things right.”

Echoing Mendoza, Tan waxes sentimental when he defines what makes Nuvali tick.

“Nuvali is going back to the values of the past, respect for nature, a simple life in the community that is rich in beautiful interaction.”



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