SANTIERRA, is designed like a big park with residential houses inside
– The houses are designed in private cluster neighborhoods of 50-85 houses
– creating a serene and secure traffic controlled neighborhood per cluster
– The clusters connected thru a main spine road that is planted with different blooming trees
– creating a park like ambience that changes color with the seasons
– Lots cuts starts at 600sqm till 1200 sqm

Outdoor activity and exercise is highly encouraged around Santierra
There is no need to go to a central park to bike or jog as the whole 77hectare is designed to be a park
– sidewalks with bike paths as wide as 2.5Meters are lined up with trees with wide canopies serving as shade
– a 5Km perimeter park that wraps the whole Santierra
– Speedhumps are elevated with the sidewalk / bike path in the whole village making biking / jogging a continuous experience

There are Ridge Estate lots along the River with a picturesque unobstructed view of the ravine
these Ridge Estate lots are unique to Santierra,
these lots are ideal for residents that seeks privacy

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