Here are some photos of the VIP selling (@Shangrila Makati) and Santierra Launching event (@Hotel Intercon):

Below is an article from Inquirer about the Santierra Event:

ALI project in Laguna brings record sales
By Daxim Lucas

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:11:00 01/12/2010

THE HIGH-END UNIT OF REAL estate developer Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) has beaten its own record for the highest launch day sales for a residential project after it started selling lots for the newest segment of its Nuvali property in Laguna.

In a briefing yesterday, ALI president Antonino Aquino said that sales of Ayala Land Premier for the new Santierra project reached P1.05 billion on the first day it was opened to the public.

“This is higher than our previous record, which was held by Abrio, also in Nuvali. Demand has been very strong,” he said, adding that most transactions were made on a one-year term, making them “as good as cash.”

The Abrio high-end development held the previous ALI record with P970 million in opening day sales, although officials stressed that two more opening day selling activities may push the total tally for Santierra sales much higher.

Lot sizes vary from 600 square meters to 1,200 sq.m. and each hectare will only have a maximum of seven residential lots. The completed project will have a total land area of 70 hectares. Of this area, 30 percent will be devoted to open spaces and parks.

ALI officials said that the company started selling the lots at a price of P11,800 per sq.m., but that this price has now appreciated to between P12,300 and P15,200 per sq.m. on the secondary market.

New lot owners represent a mix of foreign and local buyers, officials said, suggesting that demand from overseas Filipinos has been rising, following a sharp decline in early 2009 due to the effects of the global financial crisis.

The ALI president said that the company would allocate as much as P1.5 billion for the development of the Santierra project this year alone. Together with the rest of the Nuvali project, total development costs would range anywhere between P3 billion and P5 billion, he said.


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