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MANILA, Philippines – Nature, in all its idyllic splendor, is hard to come by these days. Between modern life and its cement highways and concrete buildings, glimpses into the beauty of tranquil gardens, lush terrain and unfettered greens are few and far between. Living in the now, however, doesn’t necessarily mean denying yourself of nature’s many wonders. With the dawning of sustainable, ecological communities, it is possible to enjoy the comforts of modern living amidst landscapes that showcase nature at its best.

NUVALI, a 1,750-hectare mixed-use eco-community in Sta. Rosa and Calamba, Laguna, introduces an up-to-the-minute type of living that merges modern, sustainable design and care for the environment. It is envisioned to be the regional center of the Calabarzon Region due to its strategic location and diverse land uses — residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational. Its immense topography also offers a myriad of opportunities.

Ayala Land, which is most renowned for its role in Makati’s transformation into a city that combines the modernity of urban living with its parks, green open spaces and landscapes, plays a hand in shaping a NUVALI that respects both nature and the need to keep up with the modern world. ALI’s recent success with the rapid development of Bonifacio Global City as an alternative business, retail and residential district is just another indication that its promise to merge twenty-first century living and community at NUVALI will surely be fulfilled.

As technology surges forward, introducing newer, more innovative ways to “greenify” neighborhoods and communities, NUVALI stands firm in its commitment to offer a convergence between the ease of modern life and the serenity of living with nature.

At its very heart, NUVALI is a getaway that offers the conveniences of modern living. It has grown to offer incomparable accessibility among its residential developments, coupled with a soon-to-be-running privately managed transport system with links to transport hubs in and out of the locale. Its growing business district is coming alive with offices, retail outlets and within a close distance, schools such as St. Scholastica’s College, De La Salle, Ateneo Graduate School and soon, Xavier School. Apart from educational institutions, places of worship will also be built-framed by peaceful foliage, these spaces complement the bird sanctuaries and lakes that are continually being developed to enhance the natural surroundings of the area.

As NUVALI evolves into a fully realized community of the future, it shapes the surrounding neighborhoods and regions as well, creating a distinct consciousness within the Calabarzon area for environmentalism, caring for nature, and living a clean, balanced life. Santierra, the latest offering spearheaded by Ayala Land Premier is designed to enhance the natural environment by offering distinct views, walkable pathways, tree-lined roads and various outdoor amenities such as jogging trails, exercise stations, a great lawn, an outdoor amphitheater, and an infinity pool. Designed to be an ideal natural urban refuge, Santierra joins expansive greens with the convenience of a commercial district, creating a residential community that offers locational convergence and with exceptional green landscaping to everyone in the neighborhood. Enveloping Santierra’s perimeter is a park stretching over five kilometers — Santierra’s perimeter is enveloped by a large park, which is just a component of a larger contiguous park that stretches five kilometers.

Within Santierra, NUVALI’s vast greens and majestic ravines are transformed into the perfect backdrop for clustered neighborhoods, Within Santierra, vast expanses of greens become the perfect backdrop for clustered neighborhoods, where residents can find their own private nooks amidst the greens. Natural and suburban living is made easy with roads and paths bordered by trees, providing the perfect transition between future urban boundaries and exclusive private residences. Landscape elements are a distinct feature of Santierra, as the different blooming seasons offer scenic vistasthroughout the year. Greenery is incorporated into the master planning of residential spaces as tree are arranged to ensure lot owners that their homes are not openly visible from the main road. Beyond the beautifully planned landscapes that include wide sidewalks and shaded bike paths lies NUVALI’s commitment to preserving and protecting the environment, and providing the locals with a truly sustainable community — a neighborhood that thrives hand in hand with nature.

As NUVALI continues to grow with developments such as Santierra, it carries on in its promise to look forward, to envision life where environment and nature are in perfect harmony with modernity, and to evolve in every possible way.



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