Hello Everyone,

-I recently took a trip to Santierra and took leaf samples of the young trees planted there

-these trees will eventually line up the streets of the village

-looking at the variety of shapes and shades of the leaves, I’m already thrilled

-I can see how Santierra will grow into a colourful “village in a park”

-below are the leaf samples to give you an idea. I’m no plant expert so I named them myself =) :

I call this one “The Common Leaf”. It’s size and shape is everybody’s notion of a leaf.

“Fluffy”. Back in the stone ages, I would have stuffed pillows with these. =)

“Three Stooges”. Nice color. More yellow  than green.

“T-Rex” Because it reminded me of three-toed mark left by the T-Rex in the movie Jurassic Park.

“Jack Sparrow”. A pirate’s eye-patch.

“Green Lips”.

“Nike”. Looks like the swoosh.

“Benjamin Button”. Looks old and wrinkly. Wins the “texture award”.

“Centipede”. You know why. =)

I won’t be surprised if this is the kind of village that you fall in love with more and more as time goes by. Can’t help but love these trees.

Can’t help but be happy for Santierra. I’m proud of this one. Just superb. =)

Already I can say that the image we have in our brochure with all the different trees and plant varieties carefully chosen to line the streets will surely come about.

Another home run for Ayala Land.

And what a great home to run to. =)

Sufficient proof gathered.

Want to live here? Let me know.



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