Ayala’s Santierra opens panorama of sustainability



As the green movement intensifies around the world, real estate developer Ayala Land advances this impetus by encouraging and supporting various sustainability efforts around the country.

Through Nuvali — a 1,750-hectare mixed-use community in Laguna – Ayala Land aims to establish an environmentally, economically and socially healthy, thriving community of the future. Just three years after Nuvali was launched, one of the newest additions is Ayala Land Premier’s Santierra — a private, and exclusive, high-end residential subdivision. Unique to Santierra is how it has been developed to fuse the elements of sustainability into the community through a functional and aesthetic integration of well-thought design elements.

“Santierra was planned towards enhancing the natural environment, encouraging residents to go out and enjoy its distinct views, tree-canopied streets, and various outdoor amenities,” said Mayi Platero Rodriguez, project development manager of Santierra.

Its sustainable features include establishing natural and recreational park areas which use endemic tree and plant species. This move means less water consumption and fertilizer use – a benefit which is both healthier and costs less for its residents to maintain.

The natural flora grows better and creates a cooler, fresher climate due to the added shade. Interestingly, it also provides a better ecosystem for the local birds and other wildlife. This also supports a healthier environment because a thriving bird population keeps unwanted insects in check in addition to creating a pleasant ambiance.

The community is also designed to use a dual piping water system. The investment in the system is much higher than using traditional piping, but the benefit is that residents will have a much more sustainable water supply because a lot of water can be efficiently recycled for watering lawns and other uses which do not require potable water. The development also uses porous pavers, which directs rainwater back into the natural aquifers, recharging them more effectively.

In this development, about 30 percent of the land area is set aside for parks and open spaces – which are used to create the perfect backdrop for small groups of clustered neighborhoods.

Santierra’s park circuit is the largest contiguous park system among existing Ayala Land Premier developments, stretching more than five kilometers. Suburban living is made relaxing with roads and paths bordered by trees, providing the perfect transition between future urban boundaries of Nuvali and exclusive private residences.


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