Ayala Greenfield Estates ( AGE) Interchange With the official opening of the Alabang-Calamba Tollway Express (ACTEx) in December 2010, Ayala Greenfield Development Corporation (AGDC) and South Luzon Tollways Corporation (SLTC) have renewed discussions for the planned AGE Interchange.

The opening of the ACTEx (the connection of SLEX to Star Tollway) has already reduced travel times significantly from Ayala Greenfield Estates to Makati and Alabang. Travel times will improve even more should the interchange be approved.

The approval of the interchange is also expected to raise values in the nearby properties, and prime the 150-hectare area at the edge of Ayala Greenfield for new commercial and retail improvements. As it is now, we have already seen significant retail expansion nearby, due possibly to the completion of the ACTEx project and the anticipation of the interchange.

Please standby for our announcement on price increase for lots at Ayala Greenfield Estates.