The plans for the newest and most innovative wakepark in the world were drafted almost a year ago.

Nuvali, a premiere estate down south of Manila, has just opened, and there were plenty of wide spaces in it.

Imagination had taken grip. And guess what wakeboard addicts imagined? A rad wakepark of course!

We at Republ1c had to see that. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to make all our dreams come true. We had a gut feeling that we should provide local and international riders the newest and most innovative wakepark in the world.

Thus, the Republ1c Wakepark was conceived.

In the next few weeks, you will witness the first pull of the cable carrying it’s first rider, gliding on water amidst the backdrop of blue skies, surrounded by lush greens and beautiful architecture.

As of presstime, the red rental vests and helmets have arrived, cables are properly working and water is scheduled to fill up the oval.

To add, the latest Liquid Force boards are being shipped and new Republ1c wakevests are going to be placed on the clothesrack.

You can feel the excitement flowing in our veins, and there are surely no signs of us stopping.

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