Mountain Bike World tilt set in Nuvali
By: June Navarro


The Philippines will host the qualifying leg of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Mountain Bike World Championship at the annual Dirt Weekend on Nov. 6 to 8 in Laguna.
Dirt Weekend features four races, each requiring a unique set of mountain-biking skills over three days.

The UCI Cross Country Marathon (XCM) World Series qualifying race will be the main event where the top finishers move up to the 2016 Cross Country Marathon World Championship in France.

“We are honored to host this prestigious international cycling event,” said Nuvali GM John Estacio. “Biking is part of the environmentally responsible culture that we cultivate in Nuvali.”

The 70-kilometer XCM course is riddled with technical descents as well as rocky paths and obstacles designed to mimic a mountain terrain.

The UCI Cross Country Olympic (XCO) is similar to XCM but shorter at 35 km. XCO is a class 3 UCI race that stakes UCI points.

“This year, we’re expecting over 1,500 riders for the Dirt Weekend,” said Estacio.
Over the years, Dirt Weekend has created massive ripples across the MTB community as a leading pioneer in staging world-class cycling events.