‘One Ayala’ card launched for overseas Pinoys

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Three subsidiaries of Ayala Corp., the country’s largest conglomerate, launched on Thursday “One Ayala” Card, which will serve overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) as a banking, rewards and a privilege card.Filipinos abroad can obtain the card after their first transaction from any of the three companies – Ayala Land, Bank of the Philippine Islands and Globe Telecom.

For more details, click on http://www.gmanews.tv/story/35331/Ayala-firms-launch-One-Ayala-card-for-OFWs

Looking for the best hotel?

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Say you’re someone who stays in Oakwood, Mandarin, or Manila Penn on a regular basis, either for pleasure or business. How would you feel if these very nice hotels dropped their rates by half? What normally costs you $4000 in a month now costs you just $2000. Then how would you feel if these hotels made sure you stay in your “personal” suite, a room only you uses and no one else? It’s going to be great, isn’t it? Sadly, we know hotels aren’t going to do those. It’s a dream come true if they do.

However, the good news is, there is a solution to kind of get to that dream. And the answer is: Build a world-class condo that has hotel-like service, complete with concierge and all. This is what I like about The Residences at Greenbelt (or TRAG as we call here in ALI). This is what excites me about the project. What do we really pay for when we stay in a hotel – prime location, the kind of crowd that stays there, commitment to quality, hassle-free service, etcetera. In short, I think, people are willing to shell out big bucks for two primary things: one, to experience the best, and two (which for many of us is just as important), to let the rest of the world know that we are experiencing the best.  If you get what I’m saying, if you’re with me, if you feel me, then watch out for TRAG. Yes, I know it’s not a hotel. But would there be any difference when it has a location to envy, best community, commitment to quality, highly trained staff, hassle-free service, concierge, wi-fi, and excellent amenities, almost everything that a first-class hotel has?  I dare say none, except for the money you save (and earn!) in the long run.  Reach me at +63 917 580 2013 or email coco.ayala@gmail.com for anything you want to ask. Free of charge.

The Big Wave is almost here. Buckle up.

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I’d say things are really going great. The big wave is almost here.Ayala Land has embarked on an expenditure program this year, more than double its last year’s for the development of new master-planned communities. There are major plans for its sizable land bank in Canlubang, Laguna. It involves a 10 to 15-year development pipeline that spreads existing development in the southern Metro Manila. Alongside these projects are on-going development in new areas north of Metro Manila….We’re in for a long fun ride. 

Serendra News!

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shhhh…Looks like Serendra will be having a 5% price increase by April 1 2007. For those who bought already, go ahead, show that big smile in your face. Your units are bound to appreciate in value soon. For investors, rub your hands together and grin – this might be just the perfect time to reserve a unit and profit 5% in less than a month. Go, go, go! (contact me for more tips +63 917 580 2013/ email coco.ayala@gmail.com)


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Coco Midel – Property Specialist, Ayala Land Premier

Mobile +63 917 502 952

Email:  midel.jerico@ayalaland.com.ph / coco.ayala@gmail.com

Ayala teams up with Saudi Prince

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Ayala Land together with Kingdom Hotel Investments of Saudi Arabia will be developing a $153 million hotel complex in Makati. Kingdm Hotel Investments is chaired by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Abdulaziz Alsaud.

For more details, click on the ff link: http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7006695347


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 The Golden Rule (sense-part of course) in purchasing real estate is obvious: Thou shall buy what others will before they realize they would.  This is the best way to profit from real estate. There are a few people who can do this naturally, using gut-feel and a bit of this and that semi-prophetic ability.  If you ask them how they knew the boom before it boomed, they’d say its common sense. We know of course it isn’t. Or if it is, then common sense got to them first before it got to us. And that’s how and why their money multiplies faster than we could ours.  For us, property investment seems like a trip in Wonderland – a technical maze of growth projections, cycle analysis, coaster rides, a brave heart, and whispered gossips.   Luckily, with some help from our gifted-investor friends, I was able to come up with something like a crude map. It won’t show where exactly the pot of gold is. But it will tell us where we should be heading (Okay, okay, it’s more like a compass than a map).  Your real estate investment directions: 

  •  Consider the purchase of a vacation home. Baby boomers are retiring. They’ve worked hard for at least 50 years and they want a nice place with a nice view to enjoy their iced tea.
  • In a year or two, expect to see the biggest number of people in history buying up retirement homes. If you wait, it will cost you more. Choose a vacation home, buy it soon.
  • Club share prices will jack up soon too. Buy that now if you can’t afford a property investment.
  • Consider buying a property in an attractive resort-type area.
  • If you are a young family, and thinking of where to work and live, look for booming areas. The best bet now isBonifacio
    City. It’s got the best international schools, soon the best hospital, and the best city master plan.
  • Look for real estate developments that provide a high-quality lifestyle and high-appreciation over time.

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