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How green is ALI’s valley

Alviera fleshes out its bold vision in Central Luzon

Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) recently announced that its marquee project Alviera—an ambitious mixed-use estate in Porac, Pampanga— is experiencing a 97% take-up for the first phase of its 1,800 hectares development, while land value has appreciated by 25%.
How green is ALI’s valley
Hub city. Alviera is being positioned as the future economic, lifestyle and leisure hub of Central Luzon.
In a press briefing this week, Alviera General Manager John Estacio pronounced satisfaction with the sprawling project’s progress and predicted that 250 hectares of the estate’s master plan will be activated by the end of 2018.
The former general manager of Nuvali, another ALI mixed-use development south of Philippines’ capital city,  pointed to the strong reception of the markets in Metro Manila and in Central Luzon for the brisk take-up of residential offerings in the estate.
He said Avida’s second development has been introduced, while Alveo Land and Ayala Land Premier’s is set to launch new residential offerings by the fourth quarter of 2018.
Alviera, in partnership with Leonio Holdings Inc., added 700-hectares to the development late last year and expanded to 1,800 hectares with its investment raised from P90 billion to P100 billion.
The 64-hectare Eco-Industrial Park at full development is expected to create 3,000 jobs. 41 industrial lots are sold and locators are expected to start operations by end of the year. Commercial lot sales have also started to bring in new investors with 25% sales take up. “We decided to expand because we are planning to contribute in the development of tourism in the country,” Estacio said.
“ALI made this investment to attract the top foreign leisure players from Europe, Asia, and North America to boost tourism in the Philippines,” he explained.
In anticipation of the potential boom of Central Luzon, ALI is developing Alviera as the catalyst that will boost the economic activities in the region by putting residential, business, tourism and leisure pursuits in one estate.
Estacio said Central Luzon is a logical choice as it has the third-largest GDP among the country’s regions and the second-largest population of higher-education graduates.
Meanwhile, the region’s tourism industry has a huge potential with over 3.6 million arrivals in 2015.
The government is embarking on several huge infrastructure projects, such as the North Luzon Expressway-South Luzon Expressway Connector Road, modernization and the expansion of the Clark Airport and the development of Clark-Manila high-speed railway.
Four districts
Positioned as a master-planned, integrated community, Alviera is comprised of several features now to be delineated by four districts—reflecting Alviera’s position of urban living in nature.
The Alviera East will be the hub of thriving industrial and commercial centers. Avida and Alveo will complement the development of the residential component, while Holy Angel University will handle the educational needs and employment through the Industrial Park and the Alviera East Commercial.
Local entrepreneurs, according to Estacio, gave a warm response with a rapid 95-percent sales take-up of the first phase of the Alviera Industrial Park with 16 industrial lots. He added the estate is expected to launch a second phase of the industrial park covering 32-has. It has signed locators in food manufacturing, motorcycle assembly, packaging and logistics, and warehousing. The non-PEZA industrial park was designed for light to medium, nonpolluting industries.

Reshaping Land, Reshaping Lives

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At Ayala Land, Inc., we don’t just reshape land – we reshape lives. We create spaces that inspire, and reshape communities – whether through walkable estates that encourage healthy living, leisure experiences that give shape to special memories, workspaces where goals are made and achieved, or homes where families are nurtured. We reshape potential into engines of growth and economic development for more Filipinos.

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Discover Alviera

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M: +63.917.502.9252
PRC License 0005279 / HLURB 001035

Alviera Country Club Advertorial

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Alviera Country Club

*Alviera Country Club SEC Reg CS201412229

If you are interested to get a membership share, call me.

M: +63.917.502.9252
PRC License 0005279 / HLURB 001035

Alviera Country Club Payment Terms

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Hi Everyone,

Here’s an idea of the terms if you wanted to get ACC Shares.
There are 2 shares you can choose from.

Class B Shares – Individual
Class C Shares – Corporate

Here’s a look of of the terms offered:


OPTION 1 – Cash with 10% Discount
P40,000 – Reservation Fee
P487,000 -30 days from reservation

OPTION 2 – 50% DP, 50% spread in 30 months w 5% DISCOUNT
P40,000 – Reservation Fee
P235,500 – 50% Downpayment
P9,200 – Monthly payment for 30 months
*P5,000 other charges on the last month

OPTION 3 – 10%DP, 50% spread over 30 months, 40% lumpsum w 0% discount
P40,000 – Reservation Fee
P18,000 – 10% Downpayment
P9,700 – Monthly payment for 30 months
P236,000 – Lumpsum


OPTION 1 – Cash with 10% Discount
P40,000 – Reservation Fee
P867,500 -30 days from reservation

OPTION 2 – 50% DP, 50% spread in 30 months w 5% DISCOUNT
P40,000 – Reservation Fee
P420,750 – 50% Downpayment
P15,400 – Monthly payment for 30 months
*P5,000 other charges on the last month

OPTION 3 – 10%DP, 50% spread over 30 months, 40% Lumpsum w 0% discount
P40,000 – Reservation Fee
P55,000 – 10% Downpayment
P15,900 – Monthly payment for 30 months
P383,000 – Lumpsum

Contact me to make sure these terms are still offered by the time you inquire.

*Alviera Country Club SEC Reg CS201412229

M: +63.917.502.9252
PRC License 0005279 / HLURB 001035

Alviera Country Club

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Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.10.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.10.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.10.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.10.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.10.11 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.09.56 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.09.45 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.09.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.09.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.08.40 PM

Alviera Country Club

*Alviera Country Club SEC Reg CS201412229

M: +63.917.502.9252
PRC License 0005279 / HLURB 001035

Alviera Country Club FAQs

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1. Is the club proprietary? Do you have to buy a share in the Country Club before you can become a member?
-Yes, membership is proprietary. One has to buy a share to be part of the Country Club. The shares are open for sale to
public and a lot purchase is not a requirement.

2. What are different types of shares?
-Class A – Founder Shares
-Class B – Individual/Spouse Purchasers/Co-Ownership/Corporation/Partnership/Association (with one usage right)
-Class C – Corporation/Partnership/Association (with two usage rights)
*only class B and C shares can be sold

3. What is the holding period of the share?
There is 5 year holding period before the share can be resold.

4. Who are the qualified dependents of the member?
-The dependents include (a) legitimate spouse (b) legitimate single children below 26 years old.

5. What are the available payment schemes?
– CLASS B (individual share) – CLASS C (corporate share)
Cash (30 days) – Discount 10% – Discount 10%
50 – 50 (30 mo) – Discount 5% – Discount 3%
10 – 50 (30 mo) – 40 – no discount – no discount

6. Who will provide the sample & official computation template?
– You can contact me for sample and official computation template.

7. What are the documentary requirements?
– Contact me for the list of requirements.

8. Who can sell the country club shares?
– All Sales Channels of Ayala Land, Inc. That includes me.

9. To whom should the reservation and booking documents be submitted?
– I can submit the documents for you.

10. To whom will the checks be payable?
– Checks should be payable to Nuevocentro, Inc.

11. When can a member utilize the amenities?
– Upon 50% payment

12. How much is the estimated monthly dues?
-Approx. P3,500 – P4,000 (includes consumable of P500)

13. How large is the size of the property?
-Approx. 5.6 has.

14. What are the amenities available?
-The Club is zoned as follows with amenities featuring below:

Serves as main drop-off and reception, with specialty shops and members’ lounge. Directly opens to the
central courtyard with cooling pools and landscaped main walkway.

Three meeting rooms and one big boardroom comprise the ground floor, along with an open multi-purpose
hall and small al-fresco cafe. The second floor houses two ballrooms that may be utilized as one big grand hall
that could cater to 500-600 guests and with a pre-function area running the entire length of the hall that has a direct view of the central courtyard.

Main Restaurant
-The main restaurant will have an enclosed dining space, with additional al fresco/spillover dining area. It will have an open kitchen where families could view how food is being prepared by the club’s top notch chef.
-The dining veranda directly spills over to central lounge pool and has expansive view of central courtyard.

Specialty Restaurant
-Enclosed dining space, with additional al fresco/spillover dining area. This will be specialized international cuisine that has a view of Porac mountain ranges and SCTEX.
-With cigar room and wide selection of wine.

Sports Bar and Cafe
It will have an active sports bar which directly overlooks main pools and has a view of majestic Porac sunset.

Billiard halls, KTVs and Theatre rooms.
Game Console Room which will feature virtual games, arcades and other tech facilities.

To be operated by “stresscape” which operates Anvaya, El Nido and other first class hotels in Makati.

-Lap pool 6 lanes, half Olympic size in length
-Lounger Pool
-A complete gym with dance studio. It has direct access to mound, and view of central courtyard
-Tennis Courts (2) Indoor and (2) Outdoor club / recreation size
-Badminton Courts 3 indoor courts
-Multi-sport court for basketball, futsal and volleyball.
– An open turf mound for outdoor events.

Kiddie pool
-A water park complete with water jets, fountains and a slide, an open area with water splash pads.
-Indoor Play Area
-Air conditioned active indoor play area with nursery and dedicated lockers and changing rooms for kids.
-Outdoor Play Area
-Playground for kids.

Aside from the 6 lane lap pool and kiddie pool, there’s a central lounge pool and a smaller lounge pool located within a close network in the central courtyard, giving a network of pools to cool one’s body.

Other amenities (Part of the Estate)
Members shall have exclusive privileges on the following attractions:
Wellness Village (still on the conceptual stage)
Sandbox adventure park (Giant Swing, Rollercoaster Zipline, Rope Courses)
Biking and jogging trails
Archery Range
Urban Karting

16. Can a member bring guests?
-Only a limited no. of guests (with approval from club mgmt.). Guests should always be accompanied by the member (with corresponding guest fee).

17. Are the members entitled to a discount if they decide to purchase a property in the estate?
– No info on this yet. Contact me if you want to receive updates.

M: +63.917.502.9252
PRC License 0005279 / HLURB 001035

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