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Buying a home is a touchy-touchy matter. Even those who buy properties purely for investment can’t help but be emotional at some point. It’s a basic human trait that goes long way back when primitive men grunted in happiness about their nice caves. Of course, in time, we got smart, got tired of caves, and moved into modern living spaces where there’s that perfect spot to hang your giant TV. Deciding which house or condo to purchase remains a matter of taste. We are still inclined to be mushy about home-sweet-homes. The downside is the heart doesn’t always make good investment sense. So the emotions, I leave to you. Now, the investment-sense, if you read on, I will try to add some more. Happy reading.

Jerico “Coco” Midel, Ayala Land Broker, PRC License 0005279, Mobile +63-917-50-A-Y-A-L-A (29252),


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  1. Coco Midel
    Apr 14, 2016 @ 11:25:26

    You mean Southcoast Neighborhood in Anvaya Cove?


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