Abrio Price Increase

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Abrio will have minimum 10% price increase on October 15,2008.

take advantage of Abrio’s current prices.

Hurry! We only have few lots remaining  . . .


Lot Classification

Old Price

 Tentative New Price













Parkside Premier



Park Place



Park Estate






Your Ayala Land Guide, 

Coco Midel

0917 580 2013

ABRIO Incentive

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Construction incentive right now for the 1st 15 house builders at Abrio….

For all Abrio Clients


Abrio Home Construction Reward Program (AHCRP)


Valid only for the FIRST 15 lot owners who complete their home construction


Published today at PDI (September 17,2008)

Incentive Amounts of the AHCRP


Incentive Level

Number of Beneficiaries




For the first five (5) Lot Owners to comply with all AHCRP requirements





For the next five (5) Lot Owners to comply with all AHCRP requirements






For the next five (5) Lot Owners to comply with all AHCRP requirements


***Coco Midel ALP-NewManila Forbes Div Mobile 0917 580 2013***

Abrio Home Construction Reward Program (AHCRP)

Coverage of the AHCRP

The AHCRP shall be made available to the first fifteen (15) fully-paid Lot Owners who finish their

homes’ construction at Abrio under the conditions stated below.

Steps and Requirements to Participate in the AHCRP

Step 1 – Approval of home designs

o As per Abrio’s Deed of Restrictions, all qualified Lot Owners must have their home designs

formally approved by Ayala Land Premier (ALP).

o ALP will need thirty (30) working days to process home designs being submitted for

approval. As such, Lot Owners who wish to participate in the AHCRP are encouraged to

submit their architectural plans as soon as possible. Lot Owners may contact ALP at

(632) 841-5782 or ureta.paul@ayalaland.com.ph for a pre-design meeting with ALP

architects before submitting the final set of construction plans for approval.

Step 2 – Submission of Construction Permit

o Before actual home construction begins, each Lot Owner participating in the AHCRP shall

submit to ALP all the permits and licenses required by law in order to begin construction.


Step 3 – Final Inspection of ALP

o ALP shall make a final inspection of the completed home within ten (10) calendar days from

notice of completion from the Lot Owner.

o ALP reserves the right to determine with finality that all construction works were completed in

accordance with the construction plans submitted for approval, that no provisions in Abrio’s Deed

of Restrictions have been violated, and that the home is indeed ready for habitation.


Step 4 – Submission of Building Occupancy Permit

o After construction completion, the Lot Owner shall submit to ALP a copy of the Building

Occupancy Permit issued by the relevant government agencies, signifying that the home is ready

for residential occupancy.


Now, for those who don’t have a a lot yet in ABrio, feel free to contact me anytime if you’re interested to have one. =)


Your Ayala Land Guide,

Coco Midel

0917 580 2013

Abrio Price Increase

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Abrio will have a significant price increase on October 15,2008.

This is your chance to take advantage of Abrio’s current prices.

Hurry! We only have 38 lots left in Abrio  . . .



Ayala Land Premier

In-house Specialist

0917 580 2013


By the way, for those who already bought a lot in Abrio, below is the architect clubhouse perspective.

coco midel

0917 580 213

Ayala Land – BPI tie up

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Ayala Greenfield Estates has a BPI tie up promo right now

          own a 450 sqm lot – worth 5.9M

          dp of only 590k

          1st 15 months no interest in house @ 39k / mos

          With balance on the 16th month stretch for 10yrs thru BPI @ 65k /mos

          Plus ! you can build your house na on the 16th month onwards


  • no collateral, minimal paper works, appraised at current market value, loan interest can be fixed for up to 10 yrs !
  • plus, if you purchase a lot from today till Nov 30, 2008 – you will get a free 2 night stay at Hotel Intercon Makati

Just let me know anytime you want to visit.

Thank you!


Ayala Land Premier

0917 580 2013


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Ayala Greenfield openhouse

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Hello Everyone!


I would like to invite you for a “FAMILY DAY @ Ayala Greenfield Estates”

this Sunday, Sept 21, 2008 – 9-4pm


We will also be launching our 10km scenic tour @ Ayala Greenfield Estates


Ivan Man Dy – of historical Manila walk

will be our tour guide for a Historical and trivial trip around Ayala Greenfield Estates


5 Major stops

1. Welcome drinks at the Village Clubhouse

2. Horse back riding at the 15 hectare Nature Park

3. Highest peak – Laguna delicacies served at the View deck

4. Laguna Overlook – Binoculars provided – signature LILIW slippers will be given away

5. PH5 Woodland Trails – leave your mark, tree planting at the latest phase of Ayala Greenfield Estates


** Spa treatments and Filipino style buffet will be provided at the Ayala Greenfield Golf & Leisure Club


This day will be an fun filled Family Day, I hope your family can join us on this wonderful event.

Contact me thru my mobile if you want to be included included in the guestlist.

Thank you!


Coco Midel


In-house Guide

0917 580 2013

Montecito Map&Price Sept ’08

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TAGs: montecito map price yulo hacienda ayala land canlubang laguna development south best investment sept 2008 availability easy guide philippines


Feel free to call me for any inquiries. Ciao!




Coco Midel


0917 580 2013