Arca South: The next BGC
Watch out for the new kid on the block. Arca South is going to be the next big thing

Nikki Natividad

Published 4:54 PM, Jul 06, 2015
Updated 6:27 PM, Jul 06, 2015

MANILA, Philippines — It doesn’t seem like too long ago when Fort Bonifacio was just a vast piece of idle land. There were only a handful of buildings cutting the skyline, and more people jogging, kids riding bicycles and flying kites on the grass. Named after the father of the Philippine Revolution, Andres Bonfiacio, this former military base has come a long way since then (Read: Andres Bonifacio: Myths, trivia, execution).

Now, The Fort or BGC as we have come to know it, is the budding image of progress and cosmopolitan Manila. Located near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Makati City, as well as acting as a crossroad for 4 the of country’s largest road arteries, it’s no surprise that BGC is a flourishing hub for retail, commerce, top residences and even the arts. In a matter of some 12 years since its development, it has become a coveted address.

Following in the footsteps of this successful venture is another real estate project — namely, Arca South.

Making use of a similar business model, Arca South is expected to be a city in sync with the lifestyle of vibrant and contemporary folk. Using BGC as a peg, here is a forecast of how Arca South is going to look like. Slide the arrow from left to right to see the similiarities with BGC and Arca South.

Key accessibility

Where Fort Bonifacio boasts of its convenient location, Arca South will be launched on the former FTI complex with accessibility as its key advantage. It is located along the East Service Road of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), and will be beside the much-anticipated modern Integrated Transport System. The government also has plans creating a direct link from the Metro Manila Skyway, making it conveniently accessible for commuters and private motorists alike.

It’s from this feature of Arca South that its name was inspired. Arca is derived from the word “arch”, which represents the development as a “welcoming entrance” to those coming from the south. But it can also be interpreted as a gateway to growth and development.

Diverse Lifestyle center

Just as BGC is a central business district and lifestyle hub, Arca South provides all the amenities to complement daily life organically. A variety of malls and lifestyle developments are set to rise in the 740,000 square meter destination, and is sure to satisfy the cravings of any energetic, on-the-go city dweller.

Arca South will also have its own version of Bonifacio High Street, featuring an open spaced shopping center that features upscale fashion stores, specialty retail centers, trendy restaurants, as well as artful parks that are perfect for picture-taking sessions, hanging out with the kids, and walking the dogs.

Budding business district

There are already 9 corporate towers as well as a 265-room Seda Hotel, a 250-bed quaternary care hospital are already set for camp in Arca South. And because of its accessibility, it’s an ideal site for buildings for the BPO industry.

Residential Communities

Arca South will feature a 24/7 Operations Center to manage traffic and real-time alerts and emergency response units to ensure everyday safety, while each of its residential homes will be fully furnished with integrated basement parking and a stellar view. And just like BGC, Arca South is a highly pedestrianized center.

Alongside its focus on innovation and development, it also values garden living and sustainability. Hence properties like Arbor Lanes highlight nature-infused and intimate garden living. And once completed, Arca South will be able to accommodate up to 60,000 residents.

If BGC was transformed from a military base to its current stature as the embodiment of modern city living, one only needs to look at Arca South for another incredible change in landscape and lifestyle. —