3 reasons why Parklinks is the healthiest place to live in the metro

The spaces we live in play a major contribution to the quality of human life. Communities that don’t just promise convenient living, but also help us create healthier, deeper relationships, cultivate productivity and growth, and connect us with what we consider vital.

In Parklinks you can experience the quiet of the suburbs and the infectious energy of the metropolis. A joint venture of Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. (EPPI) and Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI), Parklinks is a 35-hectare mixed-use development that is envisioned to be the developers’ greenest urban estate in Metro Manila.

Aside from being a joint project of two trusted names in the country’s property development industry, here are the top reasons why Parklinks is the newest district to look forward to:

1. You can take a 5-minute walk to parks and other open spaces

Living in a community with abundant green spaces like Parklinks is not just sustainable and pleasing to the eye. According to World Health Organization, residing near parks, meadows, and/or any green space is linked to many health benefits. Having access to green infrastructure can boost your immune system, reduce stress, and improve mental health. It also helps in “facilitating physical activity and relaxation and form a refuge from noise.”

Given its size, it has the liberty to offer the community something that the area sorely lacks––abundance of open spaces. In fact, 50% of the entire area will be generously devoted to parks and open spaces. Located at the heart of the district, this 3-hectare park called Central Park is conceived to encourage social interaction. For bikers and those who just want to enjoy the solitude, a visit to the River Park Terraces sounds like a plan. It consists of parks overlooking the river and even includes bike lanes, a viewing deck, nursery, and café. There’s also the Riparian Gardens, which is a “pocket garden” in the vicinity, patterned after the natural landscape of the area. They also have the River Esplanade, a civic space fronting the river and directly accessible from Ayala Land Premier’s development.

Through a well-designed and managed walkway system, the green spaces will be a mere 5-minute walk for residents, office workers and the public from the mall, offices and living spaces. It’s because the open spaces are strategically dispersed that, from any point within the estate, an open space is just a short 250 meters away.

SOURCE: https://business.inquirer.net/272096/3-reasons-why-parklinks-is-the-healthiest-place-to-live-in-the-metro


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